Stone processing


Counter top

 Counter top is an eye-catching and durable option of surface finish. Counter tops, made out of natural stone, such as granite and marble, have recently become more popular. The natural material is viewy and adds timeless and exclusionary look-out to the interior. The counter top must be endurable, functional and must match the interior and its style. Granit counter tops are resistant to strokes, scratches and wearing away. The additional advantage is their resistance to acids’ effect, due to which it never changes its color, whereas counter tops made out of other materials might, for example, under influence of acids, which can be found in lemon juice or vinegar. This material is also waterproof – it doesn’t soak and absorb water, doesn’t become dirty, greasy and doesn’t encourage bacteria appearance. Due to immunity to chemical affinities and pollutions, it’s easy to keep clean. In case of damage, the counter top might not be replaced totally, but only in the place of damage. 


 Stone is the best material for such elements creation as window-ledges. These elements are resistant to many atmosphere conditions, abrasion, temperature (either too low or too high), dusting and pollution. Their smooth glazed surface makes it easy to keep them clean. Window-ledges and any other stone surfaces create an atmosphere of luxury and at the same time are the décor of the house. We offer stone interior elements and surfaces in various forms and shapes together with a diversity of colors. To most closely correspond to our clients expectations we will implement any project, even if the most extraordinary. We will eagerly advise you the best technical solution for any order, so that all the elements match each other and meet clients’ needs in the best possible manner.



 We produce stairs out of stone in various designs and colors. The stone surface guarantees the corresponding hardiness and steadiness to different environmental factors. Each element is manufactured in such a manner that guarantees the respective antislidable characteristics, for example, by means of mill operation, grooving, or with the help of mat-finished elements usage. We will eagerly advise you the best technical solution for any order, so that all the elements match each other and meet clients’ needs in the best possible manner.



 Floor made out of stone is a one-time investment for years to come. Floors made out of natural stone are water-proof, fire-resistant, steadfast, time-proof and equally are easy to keep clean. Flow of time and aging process don’t cause intense changes in their look-out and properties. If the outer layer gets tarnish or falls out, a stone floor might be retrieved multiple times. Taking into account the fact that this material is a natural one, you’ll never have a surfeit of it. Moreover, natural stone is always available in different colors. Due to this fact one can always create out of it a beautiful decorative fixture.


 A fireplace, made out of stone, fascinates you with both its quality and its view. We manufacture fireplaces of any kinds and shapes, whether it should be made according to the existing project or pattern, or according to the individual preferences of a client. Project and installation are agreed with a client in such a manner so that the manufactured fireplace corresponded completely to client’s demands both in its view and functionality.


Front of a Building

 A front elevation made out of stone gorgeously decorates a house and improves its aesthetic appearance. Different stone elements, made out of sandstone, marble or granite transpeciate the house into sui generis premises. A front elevation might be executed in various stone types according to client’s preferences. After our erection, a front elevation is protected and covered with an impregnator, due to which it looks sturdily constructed, even long after, showing a unique style of the house. We also eagerly give professional advices regarding the stone type choice, which will suit you the best and underline the beauty of the house. 



The properly chosen granite surface in the bathroom can efficiently underline the character of the accommodation. When making a decision in favor of stone surface, one should take into account not only the interior appearance, but also the functionality of the material. The natural stone is the material which has the best resistance and those ones, who choose this option will also find out for themselves one of the best advantageous of stone bathrooms, i.e. indestructible beauty.